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Award-wining photographer Aura Vega was born in 1984, Northern California. At the age of 13, her passion was ignited upon acquiring an old 35mm Canon AE-1 left and forgotten in a family member's attic. This began her journey into the wide and wondrous world of photography and design.

Within her first roll of film she found herself singularly drawn to the human figure and how light falls upon it. Over the next few years she primarily experimented with negative space finding it to be a powerful tool for presenting the nude figure; Learning how best to present the body and bring it's natural beauty to light. These sessions also allowed her to hone her skills at guiding her viewer's eye; Using the camera's viewfinder as a canvas for her to paint upon with her visions.

During her college years acquiring a BA in Digital Arts at Dominican University of

California, Aura formed her career as a Wedding & Event Photographer, shooting

for clients such as Curve magazine, Yamaha (UK), and Travelcraft.

During this period she shot a full-page advert for Sweet Vibes Clothing published

in Seventeen magazine and won several awards at the Marin County Fair for her

B&W photography.

Much alike many determined graduates, she desired exploration beyond her

comfort zone in search of new life experiences. This brought her 3,000 miles

away from home to New York City. There she expanded her work experience

in the world of media and advertising as a Producer, Graphic Designer, and

Retoucher for iNDELIBLE Media. She oversaw and contributed to projects

for top-corporate clients such as CHANEL, M∙A∙C Cosmetics, Playboy,

Tiffany, Co., KahluaDavid Yurman, and Yahoo!. During these years Aura

continued to perfect her image-editing and retouching skills to the extent where

she is now known as a "Photoshop Wizard." With this extensive digital knowledge,

not only can she capture the "moments that make the memories," she can also turn them into works of art.

Upon her return to the beautiful SF Bay Area, Aura has continued her journey on her design, retouch, and photography career, working as a retoucher for Sephora HQ, shooting for the San Francisco Chronicle, SFGate, SF Indie Fashion, The Factory, CODE Salon, etc. Recently, she showed her work at LOCZIdesign, RAWartists showcase, and anotherPERSPECTIVE Art Show. She has had the privilege of working with countless award-winning fashion & jewelry designers, and FORD, LOOK, and SCOUT models.

Adding to her life experiences, Aura has had the amazing opportunity to travel throughout the world. Never without her camera, she experienced everything from motorcycling through the Swiss Alps, cuddling with a baby lion, Bengal tiger, and jaguar, flying over the Bay Area in a single-engine plane, swimming underwater with dolphins, horseback riding through a Hawaiian rainforest, falconing at one of the oldest castles in Ireland, to capturing an image 8ft from a grazing bison. With this she has observed many forms of art and receives great influence by viewing other cultures and lifestyles.

Having been behind the lens for the past 18 years, shooting in both digital and film, Aura finds she has numerous fields of interest; Her most passionate being Editorial, High Fashion, and Boudoir.

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