14 Years Experience



With 14+ years of image-editing experience and


3+ years retouching for Sephora, Aura provides


professional high-standard retouching for all of her


clients. She also has experience working as a graphic


& website designer with HTML & XML knowledge. 



Basic retouch consists of skin retouching, enhancements to make-up/ eyes/teeth, hair touch-up, lighting & colour correction, etc. Please contact for quote. Turnaround usually is 1-4 hours, dependent on quantity.

$40 per hour





Email IMAGE(s) and DESCRIPTION REQUEST to: aura@aurapixels.com




You receive Confirmation and Invoice




Send full payment via Paypal to email listed above




Image(s) are edited and delivered!


- Skin retouching (minimum, basic, or extensive)
- Makeup, eye, and teeth enhancement
- Hair touch-ups (body/facial)
- Lighting correction
- Color correction
- Background touch-ups, reconstruction, or insert
- Composition manipulation

- Body/Subject form manipulation/alteration
- Contrast, crops, resizes
- Filters (B&W, sepia, high contrast, deep saturation, etc)
- And much more!




Advanced retouch consists of background manipulation, composition reconstruction, body reforming, filter additions, etc. Please contact for a quote. Turnaround usually is 4-10 hours, dependent on quantity. 

$40 per hour



* For bulk orders please contact prior to initial delivery of originals

* Subtle editing can be done for more natural-looking images
* Heavy editing can be done for more dramatic/fantasy images

* Other forms of payment could be accepted-please contact to discuss

* Once high-res image(s) is delivered all payments are non-refundable

* Images can be transferred via email, dropbox, or by any other format

* GUARANTEE: Customer satisfaction is high priority! If the image(s) delivered need to be further or less edited please send such request via email and your needs will be met when at all possible!